Lake Hawea I

_64Z2271 copy
Lake Hawea I. Available as a 16×20″ (~40x50cm) Ultraprint on Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta; $500, signed edition of 20. The price includes shipping by courier anywhere in the world. Please include your phone number for the courier in the comment field when ordering.

I drove north from Queenstown, struggling over a blizzarded mountain pass with my woefully underpowered rental car, pausing every few kilometres to install or remove snow chains, freezing fingers and getting my daily intake of iron via the absorbed rust. The pass was beautiful but there was no safe place to stop, so I did not shoot. I kept driving in search of the inevitable end of storm landscape that would come; these things blow themselves out fairly quickly in New Zealand because of the winds driving them off the Antarctic continent. Sure enough, after Wanaka and another twenty or so kilometres, I rounded a small cape and came to the other side of a low range to find Lake Hawea spread out before me – with clouds just receding over the mountains and an impossibly intense metallic cyan hue to the water. I stopped, looked, and got two shots just before the clouds blew off a little more and the sun broke through completely. The image is monochrome because it better preserves the mood – you feel the serenity of the lake, the isolation of the cabin, and the openness of space without the blues dominating.


About the prints
Prints are made by Printmaster Wesley Wong of Giclee Art using our proprietary Ultraprint process, which delivers extremely high real resolutions – up to 720 pixels per inch, or four times that of an iPad’s Retina display, a wide gamut, and very smooth tonal transitions. We print on either Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta or Permajet Portrait White depending on the subject matter and size using Epson Ultrachrome archival-grade inks.


Images and content copyright Ming Thein | 2014 onwards. All rights reserved

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