Long term projects

This page will be the home of long term personal projects – individual items will be updated here as I finish new images. Some will be in pages, some will be in flickr galleries (generally those that are still works in progress; it’s much easier to update this way).

If you would like a particular image or images from any of these projects – I have no idea when they’ll be complete, as they’re ongoing and require the muse of inspiration to strike – please let me know by using this form here. MT

Verticality I
: an architectural study looking up

12_8B00605 copy
the clouds that pass you by when you’re in that jetlagged state of semi-consciousness between distant destinations

_64D4412 copy
actually, it’s anything but; it’s the impression of peering through something – the presence of foreground – is precisely what creates the impression of there being nothing there.

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