Occluded observation

_8B05263 copy
Occluded Observation. Available as a 12×16″ (~30x41cm) Ultraprint on Permajet Portrait White fiber paper (matte); $380, signed edition of 20. The price includes shipping by courier anywhere in the world. Please include your phone number for the courier in the comment field when ordering.

The Golden Gate bridge is perhaps one of the world’s most photographed objects. My challenge was to capture the mood of that night – windy, rolling fog, mostly mysterious darkness with a sense of height and drop off – but with a moon at times so bright objects had distinct hard shadows; night and day merged. A feeling of isolated order imposed over nature: the concrete kerb reigning in the bench; the bridge dominating over the rugged headland – but not a person to be seen. San Franciso in a nutshell? Perhaps. MT


About the prints
Prints are made by Printmaster Wesley Wong of Giclee Art using our proprietary Ultraprint process, which delivers extremely high real resolutions – up to 720 pixels per inch, or four times that of an iPad’s Retina display, a wide gamut, and very smooth tonal transitions. We print on either Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta or Permajet Portrait White depending on the subject matter and size using Epson Ultrachrome archival-grade inks.


Images and content copyright Ming Thein | mingthein.gallery 2014 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. My copy of this Ultraprint just arrived. I love the image as it appears on my iMac screen, but it is nothing like as good as it appears on print in the hands. The tone and mood are exceptional. Thank you.


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  2. […] Occluded observation. This image is only possible with camera movements, a large dynamic range, and clean long exposure – these are pretty specific requirements, but it does represent my personal creative direction. Limited edition Ultraprint available here. […]

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