Launch Edition: Trees of New Zealand

I’ll be launching the gallery with five prints: thereafter, they’ll be singles or pairs. Please note that all prices are inclusive of courier shipping via DHL Express anywhere in the world; you’ll need to include your phone number in the comment box when you check out as it’s required by the carrier.

Forest III

This is the showpiece for the launch, which will be offered as the largest Ultraprint yet: 40×15″ image area. We’re still experimenting with the paper type to manage reflections and improve the viewing experience – but so far, it’s like having your own personal slice of forest at home.

_8B03438-45 Forest III
Forest III, Shotover Gorge, Queenstown, New Zealand. Nikon D810 and an 8-image stitch. Click here for a 100% crop to get an idea of just how much detail is in this print.
You can order Forest III ($1200) as a 40×15″ (~101x38cm) Ultraprint here; limited edition of 10

Tree and River.
We spend so much time looking for shadows and light that sometimes I think it’s interesting to present a three dimensional world as a two dimensional one for that precise reason; there are enough visual cues for texture, but not so many as to destroy that illusion. It’s one of my favourite images from this trip because of the balanced minimalism and abstraction that appears almost manmade, despite being 100% natural. Note: the river was actually that color due to it being glacial meltwater containing various alluvial deposits. On the actual image you can see the near shore is actually extremely clear.

_8B03521 copy - Tree and River
Tree and River, outside Frankton, New Zealand. Nikon D810
You can order Tree and River ($330) as a 10×15″ (~25x38cm) Ultraprint here; limited edition of 20

Alpenforest in Winter
This is the first of three images that were shot in the same river delta just outside Arrowtown, New Zealand. I spent the whole afternoon here watching the light change and the various portions of the mountainside and alpine forest change as they moved in and out of the light; colors got richer as the sun went down, then ended in an interestingly muted twilight that made everything just feel…soft, for want of a better word. I believe this image, of the dozens I captured, is the most accurate representation of that.

_64Z2713 copy - Alpenforest in winter
Alpenforest in Winter, Arrowtown, New Zealand. Pentax 645Z
You can order Alpenforest in Winter ($500) as a 16×20″ (~41x51cm) Ultraprint here ; limited edition of 20

There were some small cascades in the river – but they weren’t as interesting (personally) as the cascades formed by the winter leaves/buds/tips (I admit, I’m no botanist) of the trees. The reddish ends formed a very delicate waterfall of color, which here, leads down to a stony bank by the water. I waited some time to make this image: it would only work when the light just hit the tree and not the side of the mountain behind; for a couple of minutes I got what I needed.

_64Z2675 copy - Cascade
Cascade, Arrowtown, New Zealand. Pentax 645Z
You can order Cascade ($500) as a 16×20″ (~41x51cm) Ultraprint here; limited edition of 20

The final image is one for the monochrome aficionados – the curve of mountain, flowing river and tree to the nexus of the dead and sun-bleached log at the centre I’m sure contains a metaphor for life somewhere – personally, I just find the tonality and structure very appealing.

_64Z2655 - Spiral
Spiral, Arrowtown, New Zealand. Pentax 645Z
You can order Spiral ($500) as a 16×20″ (~41x51cm) Ultraprint here; limited edition of 20

Testimonials from previous Ultraprint customers can be found here.

Once again, thank you for your support, and don’t forget to bookmark the new site! MT


About the prints
Prints are made by Printmaster Wesley Wong of Giclee Art using our proprietary Ultraprint process, which delivers extremely high real resolutions – up to 720 pixels per inch, or four times that of an iPad’s Retina display, a wide gamut, and very smooth tonal transitions. We print on either Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta or Permajet Portrait White depending on the subject matter and size using Epson Ultrachrome archival-grade inks.


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