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Inversion. Available as a 12×16″ (~30x41cm) Ultraprint on Permajet Portrait White fiber paper (matte); $380, signed edition of 20. The price includes shipping by courier anywhere in the world. Please include your phone number for the courier in the comment field when ordering.

To me, good architecture is about balance: with its surroundings, with the people who use it, and from a purely visual aesthetic point of view. If the building dominates or gets lost, then there’s a high chance it didn’t fulfil its purpose – or perhaps it makes its intended users feel just a little uneasy. Every time I’ve visited San Francisco, I’ve spent some imd photographing the Transamerica Pyramid: it’s a building that I find extremely intriguing for several reasons. Firstly, its height and grace in a place with SF’s tectonic conditions; secondly, the way it manages to appear both massive yet light  and airy at the same time – I think it’s the relative delicacy of the flying buttresses at the base, but their absolute massiveness. This image shows neither, but gives you a sense of how it fits into the landscape: I think of it as akin to a large, graceful white bird – perhaps an albatross. It’s also a rather neat slice through the city’s diverse architectural styles. MT


About the prints
Prints are made by Printmaster Wesley Wong of Giclee Art using our proprietary Ultraprint process, which delivers extremely high real resolutions – up to 720 pixels per inch, or four times that of an iPad’s Retina display, a wide gamut, and very smooth tonal transitions. We print on either Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta or Permajet Portrait White depending on the subject matter and size using Epson Ultrachrome archival-grade inks.


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