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Welcome to mingthein.gallery. This is the art-focused offshoot of mingthein.com, where I’ll be presenting long term projects such as Verticality (on pages updated whenever there’s a new image, accessible via the menus above) and individual curated images on a weekly basis. There will be a lot less chatter and discussion than on mingthein.com, because that isn’t the purpose of this site: this site is entirely about the images and creativity.

All of the images will be available to buy as limited edition Ultraprints, printed by Wesley Wong of Giclee Art in Kuala Lumpur who has overseen all of my previous print runs, and personally QC’d and signed individually by yours truly. They will be available as single editions of 20 unless otherwise stated, until the edition is fully allocated, and will not be printed at that size or format again. Prices for existing sizes will remain the same as for previous editions, and are inclusive of DHL Express shipping anywhere in the world*, with new sizes offered (16×20″ Ultraprints, from the 645Z) where applicable. The site will launch with the five images in the next post – I suppose it’s fair enough to have a bonanza at the start – with subsequent images to follow. The images will not just be limited to one subject matter, of course. I also intend to offer a book or two in the future.

*We reserve the right to adjust pricing to reflect prevailing shipping rates

You will also be able to request a print – if there’s a particular image you like from my flickr stream or this site in a previous post, so long as the image quality meets my print standards and it isn’t subject to an existing edition or license, it’s fair game. This includes the ongoing projects, as well – you need not wait for the project to be completed if you would like a particular image. You might well land up being the owner of a unique print!

This site exists because I have chosen to go make my work as widely available as possible. Whilst there are undoubtedly advantages to gallery representation, reach is limited and the galleries set the curation – I believe that is anathema to the creative development of a photographer. Art is made when it is made solely for the creator and because the creator must make it the way he or she envisions. If done right, this necessarily provokes an emotional response in the audience – love it or loathe it – remember, hatred is also an emotion. If you feel nothing, then there’s a problem.

I appreciate that my work is not for everybody; that’s fine. Photography as art is subjective and we are all entitled to their own opinions. What some people find cold and soulless, others believe to be a beautifully balanced symphony of color and form. I’m somewhere in the middle: the soul isn’t in the subject or how close you can get before being punched, it’s in the way you see and the passion you put into the pursuit of the image and your vision as a photographer. Besides, it’s been proven many times historically that the popular gestalt of the time isn’t the one that’s recognised as being a classic in the future. If anything, change and the new makes for discomfort.

But whatever your reaction to the image content, I can assure you that the prints are absolutely the best we know how to make. I’ve been told they’re amongst the best ever seen by various experienced collectors, galleries and dilettantes alike (testimonials from previous Ultraprint buyers can be found here.) – yes, the Ultraprints at a small size are immersive, but I’m planning to go bigger. Much bigger – wait until the next post 🙂

Once again, thank you for your support, and don’t forget to bookmark the new site – there’s also widget in the right sidebar where you can subscribe to receive notifications when a new image is available. MT


About the prints
Prints are made by Printmaster Wesley Wong of Giclee Art using our proprietary Ultraprint process, which delivers extremely high real resolutions – up to 720 pixels per inch, or four times that of an iPad’s Retina display, a wide gamut, and very smooth tonal transitions. We print on either Canson Infinity Platin Fiber Rag baryta or Permajet Portrait White depending on the subject matter and size using Epson Ultrachrome archival-grade inks.


Images and content copyright Ming Thein | mingthein.gallery 2014 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. Congrats!! Will definitely get another one of your prints, InsyaAllah!

  2. Amazing and congratulations! I noticed that the Dreamscapes series will be printed too? If so, I need to budget carefully …

  3. Congratulations! Looks fantastic. Hope to but another print from you soon.

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